Airdrop Program

We are excited to announce that the official Airdrop campaign of Ref2Earn is now live. Interested users can join the Ref2Earn airdrop to win up to 22,222 R2E tokens for free.
→ When is it?
R2E Airdrop Start date: 22 Sep, 2022
R2E Airdrop End date: 22 Oct, 2022
Total R2E tokens for each Participant - 22,222 R2E
Total Airdrop Value for each Participant - $30
How to Join our Airdrop?
Perform the following tasks to complete the campaign and win reward tokens:
Please click to fill the airdrop form​
Thanks For Joining Our Airdrop Program.
Note: All the Steps are compulsory to participate in the program.