Why Invest High?

Why Make a High Investment?

Why should I invest large amounts?

At R2E, we apply a lower limit of 0.05 BNB on initial purchases so you can start earning from your referrals. This is the lowest investment you will make to start earning with your referral link.
However, it is important that the people you invite invest high amounts so that you can earn more from the people you refer to.
For example, let's consider 2 people you invite:
  • When the 1st person invests 1 BNB, you will earn 0.4 BNB. (for 40%)
  • When the 2nd person invests the lower limit of 0.05 BNB, you will only earn 0.02 BNB. (for 40%)
So how do you get the people you invite to make higher investments?
R2E offers some opportunities for you and your referral invitees to invest higher amounts! You get many different advantage with higher investments in the R2E ecosystem. Here are some:
  • Higher commission earnings
The first and most important advantage of making higher investments in the R2E ecosystem is to obtain higher reference earnings. The bigger the investments you invite, the bigger the profits you will get.
  • Holder Roles
We have defined some Holder Ranks for our investors in our Discord community. We use an approval system where you can connect to your wallet and take a role according to your investment amount.

These roles will give you different benefits and opportunities. Here are some:

  • Extra referral bonus
  • WL (Whitelist) for NFT packages
  • Discounted prices on NFT package purchases (For example, Presale prices for Gold NFT Package: - 0.1 ETH for starter - 0.05 for Silver - 0.009 for Platinum etc.)
  • Free BNB airdrops
  • Free NFT airdrops
  • Free R2E airdrops
  • Access to discord channels
  • And more..