Reference Earnings

R2E referral program is our single layer referral system where anyone who refers new customers can earn 40% more money.
We have developed this program for those that have a passion for crypto and passion for our project. Each time you refer someone you earn BNB! You benefit from this project as much as you like. The opportunities we provide are endless. The larger the number of people you refer and the amount of investment, the more you earn.
For example; Isabella made his first investment with 1 BNB, buying 222 R2E tokens. Then he referenced 6 people using the referral link.
  • 1st person Liam invested with 0.1 BNB. Isabella earned 0.04 BNB from this first referral. (40%)
  • 2nd person Olivia invested with 0.3 BNB. Isabella earned 0.12 BNB from her second referral. (40%)
  • 3rd person James invested with 0.5 BNB. Isabella earned 0.2 BNB from her third referral. (40%)
  • 4th person James invested with 0.6 BNB. Isabella earned 0.24 BNB from her third referral. (40%)
  • 5th person Emma invested with 0.8 BNB. Isabella earned 0.32 BNB from her fourth referral. (40%)
  • 6th person Henry invested with 1 BNB. Isabella earned 0.4 BNB from her fifth referral. (40%)
Despite only 6 referrals and very low investments, Isabella earned a total of 1.32 BNB. And he got back all his initial investment.
Imagine that you refer more people and people who have your referral link make much larger investments.
We offer you an unlimited earning opportunity!
Let's make things a little bigger:
John made his first investment by buying 222 R2E tokens with 1 BNB. Then he referenced 5 of his friends using the referral link.
  • His first friend Michael bought 222 R2E tokens with 1 BNB. John earned 0.4 BNB from this first friend. (40%)
  • His second friend William invested with 2 BNB. John earned 0.8 BNB from his second friend. (40%)
  • His third crazy friend invested with 5 BNB. John earned 2 BNB from his third referral. (40%)
  • Entrepreneurial and clever friend Tyler invested with 10 BNB. John's earnings are now 4 BNB. (40%)
  • His fifth friend Christian, who trusted him and the R2E project, also invested 50 BNB. John earned exactly 20 BNB from this referral. (40%)
John's profit from referrals just 5 people is 27.2 BNB!
Are these investments and gains possible! It's definitely possible in the crypto world!
You will invest in the reference token of the future and earn BNB from your referrals! And instantly! Our smart contract totally puts your safety and profit first. You do not need to wait for days or months to receive your earnings. As soon as your reference makes an investment, 40% of the investment amount is in your wallet!
​Invest now! Start earning with your referral link!