Buy R2E

The buy page link comes with the default reference address.
In order for your referral to earn a bonus, you must use that referral link when purchasing tokens.
If you don't have a referral link yet, you can use the default.
To become a part of the R2E project and purchase of R2E token will only be possible after payment made and receving an approval. As you like to participate our project, please select payment method and enter the amount of R2E tokens you wish to purchase. You can buy R2E tokens only using BNB.
Set amount of R2E tokens you would like to purchase
The calculator helps you to convert required currency to R2E tokens.
After a successful purchase, the R2E token will be instantly sent to your wallet. And in the "In my wallet" section, you can see the tokens you have.
If you don't see your R2E token in your wallet, don't worry. This is mainly because you haven't added the R2E token to your wallet yet. You can add it with the "Add To Metamask" button.